iDrive95. Save on Tolls, Together.

Start & end your day right with the iDrive95 iPhone App.

Miami and Broward drivers, are you going to pay 25 cents drive I95-Express? Or will it be $7.00 to go home? Your fellow drivers help you out by updating the price using the iDrive95 app. We're paying it forward and saving ourselves and our fellow drivers hundreds of dollars.

I-95 Express in your area? Send us a note and we'll add your commute!

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  • “ $7.00? I can wait 30 minutes and pay $3.50. Thanks iDrive95! ”
  • “ An app that pay for itself on the first day. Amazing. ”
  • “ I love this app, I check it twice every day. ”

Saving Tolls Together

We all can save hundreds of dollars. Together, hundreds of thousands. Update the iDrive95 app when you see the toll. It's fast & easy. Every driver after you will thank you. And wave hello. Blow you kisses. You will be a local hero.


Simple to Use

Two button navigation: CONFIRM and UPDATE. Press CONFIRM if the price in the app already shows the correct price. The system updates to let your fellow drivers know that the price is still good. Press UPDATE to enter a new price. Add the new toll that you paid and you're done! FAST. EASY. No Texting here.


Monthly Calculator

Keep track of your daily tolls. The monthly calculator shows your daily spending. Every dollar counts in today's economy. Record the amount you spent & what time of day. Great for road warriors that need to keep a log of spending. And anyone that needs to save money.